How do we make glass units?

Glass Units Direct is part of Adria Glass Ltd in Barnsley,Yorkshire.We have been making glass units since 1995.


So what do we do?


Glass Units Direct™  buy bulk packs of glass from Saint Gobain and Pilkington’s each week.We cut the glass on an automated cnc cutting table to the exact size required.Then we wash it, and if its toughened ,we put it through the toughening furnace.

Its now ready for assembly into a unit.We use only warm edge spacer bars,to make A grade units.We cut the bars and fill them with desiccant,to avoid moisture inside glass units.We assemble the units and seal with hot Butyl sealer  .We fill all our units with Argon gas to ensure the highest performance

We then tape the edges of all units for ease of handling.

Our production is certified to BS EN 1279:2018

If you want quality sealed glass units,this is how they are made

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